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A self-taught developer documenting and sharing his learning experience.
React.js • Gatsby.js • Next.js soon. More about me

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How To Create React Parallax Effect With React Hooks

June 24, 2020 #React.js

I want to a hero section with parallax scrolling effect, the text and image move at a different speed without using any library. It’s easy…

105 Web Development Resources I Find Useful

June 21, 2020 #Resources

Web development resources I find useful for creating website. Instead of bookmark in the browser and forget about it. I document them here…

Git Workflow As A Self-Taught Developer

June 09, 2020 #Git

This article is to share how I use “Git Version Control (Git)” and “GitHub” in my web development project. Why Use Git Version Control? You…

Fontawesome 5 in Reactjs & Gatsbyjs Project

June 02, 2020 #Reactjs, #Gatsbyjs, #Fontawesome

How to use Fontawesome 5 in your Reactjs and Gatsbyjs project? Why I can't find Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other brand icons in the…

Learning To Be A Mouse-less Web Developer In VS Code

May 29, 2020 #Resources

After using PC for so many years with a mouse or trackpad, we so used to point and click everything we want on the screen so fast and…

How I Build A Website With Gatsby.js & Material-UI (2020)

May 26, 2020 #Gatsby.js, #Material-UI

This article is to share how I build a production-ready website with Gatsby.js & Material-UI. If you find anything wrong or any part I can…

Configure File Association for MDX

May 19, 2020 #Markdown, #MDX

This is what I was facing when I started to write in MDX in VS Code. All MDX file display as plain text. A New developer like me sometimes…

Netlify Plugin: Enable Gatsby Incremental Builds In My Blog

May 18, 2020 #Gatsbyjs, #Netlify

Received an email from Netlify last week, said Gatsby.js released something called incremental builds. It help to reduce the amount of work…

How Is Netlify Pricing Works? My Understanding

May 10, 2020 #Netlify

I don't believe there is free lunch in the world until I step into the tech community. Tech community is one of the best community in the…

React.js Resources

May 08, 2020 #Resources, #React.js

These are the resources I collected for building React.js project. Instead of living in my browser's bookmark bar, I recorded them here and…

Terminal Command Line

May 08, 2020 #Resources, #Terminal

Document command Line pwd = present working directory cd = change directory cd .. = change directory up one level ls = list ls -l = list…

Moving My Crowded Image Folder From Local To Cloudinary

May 03, 2020 #Cloudinary

Early in the year of 2020, I watched a tutorial about Gatsby.js from Jason Lengstorf on frontend master . He mentioned images consume some…

How TO Add HideOnScroll & BackToTop Features To Material-UI Navbar - Part 3

May 02, 2020 #Material-UI

These features are optional. It's depend on how you want to design your website.

How To Add Drawer To Material-UI Navbar - Part 2

April 30, 2020 #Material-UI

Add a side drawer to Material-UI navbar and click hamburger menu to toggle on and off

How To Build A Material-UI Navbar - Part 1

April 29, 2020 #Material-UI

This is to share how I create a modern mobile and responsive navigation bar with material-ui.

How To Add Favicon to Gatsby-theme-blog Site

April 28, 2020 #Gatsbyjs, #gatsby-theme-blog

Checking the site in production, gatsby-theme-blog does not come with any setup for favicon. In development mode, we can see the gatsby…

How I Sort Blog Post With Vanilla JavaScript

April 27, 2020 #JavaScript

Gatsby.js is using GraphQL to query data, we can sort and return the data in descending order. No JavaScript is required. With GraphQL…

About Markdown Frontmatter

April 19, 2020 #Markdown

This is one of the essential features you must know if you're writing your blog in Markdown format. Frontmattter in Markdown They live on…

How I learn Nextjs From Scratch

April 19, 2020 #Next.js

I'm documenting my process of learning Nextjs version 9.3 from scratch. I'll constantly update this blog when I learn something new about Nextjs.

How I Style MDX Element in Gatsby-Theme-Blog

April 09, 2020 #gatsby-theme-blog

gatsby-theme-blog come with default styles from Theme-UI and also give you the flexibility to modify or add your own styles. How to style…

How I Add 404 Page To Gatsby-Theme-Blog

April 07, 2020 #gatsby-theme-blog

I'm writing How to add Google Analytics to gatbsyjs Site article, when I build the site and search for the Tracking ID. The terminal is…

How To Exclude IP Address From Google Analytics

April 06, 2020 #Google Analytics

As a web developer, you often need to visit the website you build to check whether it works as you expected and what you need to improve…

How to Add Google Analytics to Gatbsyjs Site

April 05, 2020 #Google Analytics

Create a new property in your account Login to your Google Analytics account . Go to Admin Click Create Property There are 3 options…

Developer Blog You Should Follow

April 04, 2020 #Resources

Following developer blog is one of the good way to learn coding. They often explain code in slower pace, replacing jargon word with easy…

MDX or Markdown Navigation To Section

April 04, 2020 #Markdown

I would like to add a table of contents on the top of MDX's blog. So, the visitors could easily navigate to any section they want to read…

Learning Gatsbyjs Challenge 2

March 29, 2020 #Gatsbyjs, #100DaysOfGatsby

Challenge 2: Build and Deploy Your Gatsby Site After surveying Zeit, Surge, Heroku, Google Firebase, I chose to host my blog on netlify…

Git CLI You Should Know

March 28, 2020 #Git

Git version control system is one of the essential tool & skill we should master to become a better web developer. I document the git CLI we…

Learning Gatsby.js Challenge 1

March 28, 2020 #Gatsbyjs, #100DaysOfGatsby

Thank you Gatsby's team and Hashim Warren to start the 100DaysOfGatsby's challenge . It's a step by step guide to learn Gatsby.js from…

About Me

March 19, 2020

Hi, Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm Anson LowZF, a father of 2 kids and working as a full-time digital marketing manager in a stonemason…