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Anson LowZF Blog

About Me

March 19, 2020

Hi, Thank you for visiting my blog.

I’m Anson LowZF, a father of 2 kids and working as a full-time digital marketing manager in a stonemason company.

Inspired by 100DaysOfGatsby’s challenge and Tania Rascia’s blog, I decided to start a blog to document my learning experience and record my learning process about web development. Meanwhile, I also take this opportunity to improve my English and writing skill.

I hesitate to start a blog because it takes time and passion to maintain a blog. I don’t know what good about blogging until I found this bonus tip in 100DaysOfGatsby’s challenge 1. It’s a final blow to kick my ass to start a blog.

“Use your new blog to track your #100DaysOfGatsby progress! Research shows that writing about what you learn, or even what you’re struggling with helps you to retain that information, or even discover a solution. So, during your #100DaysOfGatsby’s journey, we encourage you to use this blog to write about your ups and downs, victories and challenges.” - By Hashim Warren

It’s so true, Hashim. I always forget what I’ve just learned. Sometimes, I can’t even find the place I learned this and that when I want to apply this and that in my project.

I know writing blog while learning significantly slow down my learning pace. Most importantly I can retain information or discover a solution. Plus, I can refer back whenever I forget something. I should start blogging earlier, the benefits of blogging are essential to a working father who constantly distracted by work, children and noise.


  1. Mostly Gatsby.js or related technology
    1. Theme-UI
  2. React.js
  3. Next.js
  4. Material UI
  5. Markdown
  6. Resources
  7. HTML
  8. CSS
  9. JavaScript
  10. Git
  11. Tips & Trick by reading an article, watching YouTube and Googling

I always break code and making errors. Sometimes, I did it to test how the code work. Most of the time, I don’t know how I break the code. What even worst is sometimes I don’t know how to fix the code back and need to delete the whole project and start from scratch again.


If you have found errors or solutions, feel free to reach me out @ Twitter.

It’s never too late

I’m self-taught, start my web development journey with zero knowledge, without a computer science degree and from the age of 36. If I can build something, you can do it too.

What I had built?

  1. My company stone mason website
  2. Honey wholesales website
  3. AnsonLowZF’s Blog

How I learn to code?

  1. Udemy - purchase the course I need as a beginner
  2. Team Treehouse - ( I subscribed for 2 months ) Tutor explain in beginner friendly way and there are many questions you need to answer to collect points.
  3. Pluralsight - ( I subscribed for 1 month ) Many professional tutorial, I think this platform is for intermediate level and above.
  4. FreeCodeCamp - I discover this after I subscribed to Pluralsight.
  5. Frontend Master - ( 4 months subcription ) - Learn Reactjs, Gatsbyjs
  6. Scrimba - Bought Reactjs, JavaScript, Responsive Web Design bootcamp
  7. YouTube
    1. FreeCodeCamp YouTube
    2. Traversy Media - code along tutorial (beginner friendly)
    3. Kevin Powell - CSS, Responsive Web Design
    4. The Net Ninja - quality free tutorial explain in beginner way
    5. Steven Griffith - underated channel deserve your attention
    6. Colt Steele
    7. Web Dev Simplified
    8. Leigh Halliday- JavaScript & Reactjs

A Self Taught Developer Documenting My Learning To Code
Reactjs, Nextjs, Gatsbyjs & MaterialUI