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Configure File Association for MDX

May 19, 2020 #Markdown, #MDX

This is what I was facing when I started to write in MDX in VS Code. All MDX file display as plain text. A New developer like me sometimes struggles to find out the solution.

Although, this article is short. In fact, It’s taken me more than an hour to find the solution. It’s so simple but…

MDX in plain text

VS Code displaying MDX file as plain text,

MDX file shown in plain text

Oh, It’s hard to read and write without syntax highlight.

I tried to search the marketplace to find an extension. Found one named Markdown All in One

It provides keyboard shortcut to write Markdown faster, I thought it might have some setup help to display MDX file too.

My thoughts are too complex, I think too much. Of course, it is not working.

Then I try to click the plain text button located at the bottom right-hand corner to see whether I can change something.

Click the plain text button

Wow, I accidentally discovered this option configure file association for MDX

Configure file association for MDX option

Click and scroll to choose Markdown,

By the time, I click this option, VS Code will not automatically refresh and display Markdown syntax highlight.

If you’re facing the same problem, I mean It still displays in plain text, Just close your VS Code and start again.

VS Code evolves fast. When I try to set this up in my desktop computer. It refreshes and displays the syntax highlight fast and concise.

Alternately, you can open VS Code setting in json, copy and paste the following code, It work the same.

"files.associations": {
"*.mdx": "markdown"

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