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Developer Blog You Should Follow

April 04, 2020 #Resources

Following developer blog is one of the good way to learn coding. They often explain code in slower pace, replacing jargon word with easy understanding word and make the logic easier to understand for beginner.

They often use tutorial, handbooks, cheatsheet, coding breakdown or rewrite the document in beginner friendly way to support the web development community.

These are the web developer I follow:-

Tania Rascia

Tania Rascia is a full stack software developer creating open source projects and writing about modern JavaScript, Node.js, and development.

Check out one of her famous writing about getting started with React. She explain React with slower pace and easier to understand by beginner.

Visit her blog here


He is a self-taught and passionate graphic designer & front-end developer from German. He often blog advance technique about Gatsby.js, this is one of his helpful blog about tips and tricks for gatsby

Visit his blog here

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