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How To Exclude IP Address From Google Analytics

April 06, 2020 #Google Analytics

As a web developer, you often need to visit the website you build to check whether it works as you expected and what you need to improve. After you implement Google Analytics to the website; even though you just visit for 10 seconds, it will add a bounce rate in your Google Analytics report. You’re polluting your own data, aren’t you?

How could you exclude the IP addresses you don’t want to track?

How to check your IP address?

It’s very simple, just type What is my IP address in any google search box. Then, you can see your public IP address in the search result. If you couldn’t see it in your first search result. Scroll down to check, eventually, you will find it.

You should always find out all the IP you don’t want to track, eg:-

  1. Your home WIFI
  2. Your work WIFI
  3. Your mobile network
  4. Your freelancer home WIFI, work WIFI and mobile network
  5. Your staff home WIFI, work WIFI, and mobile network
  6. Your client home WIFI, work WIFI and mobile network
  7. Any IP address you want to exclude

How to exclude IP Address?

  1. Login to your Google Analytics and select the correspondence property

  2. Select the Admin menu

  3. Under the account section, select All Filters

  4. Click Add Filter

  5. Give it a Filter Name

  6. Filter Type choose Predefined

  7. Select Exclude from “Select filter type” dropdown menu

  8. Select traffic from the IP address from “Select source or destination” dropdown menu

  9. Select that are equal to from “Select expression” dropdown menu

  10. Fill in the IP address you want to exclude in the input box.

  11. Select All Web Site Data and add it to “Selected views”

    add all web site data to selected views

  12. click Save

*Note: The filter will only effect from the date you apply it. Your history data remain the same.

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