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MDX or Markdown Navigation To Section

April 04, 2020 #Markdown

I would like to add a table of contents on the top of MDX’s blog. So, the visitors could easily navigate to any section they want to read. It’s should be an easy task but not for a beginner like me. I still struggling with it. Let’s see what problem I face and how I settle it.

What I do first?

After googling and read some article about markdown link

I found that to navigate to a section. Firstly, I need to add an id to a header then use the link navigate to the section with id

Refer to markdown guide cheatsheet, I should add an id to the header like this:-

## My Great Heading {#custom-id}

So, I write ## [My Header] {#my-header} in MDX file and the result is:-

add id to MDX header

Why it output exactly what I write?

Maybe this Markdown syntax is different from MDX?

I try google MDX navigation to a section, no relevant result

What Should I do?

I try to change the curly braces to bracket ## [My Header] (#my-header)

My theme setting make the header become white text and light blue on hover

Oh my god!

How should I do?

I take a break, and wandering and wondering around my living area

Inspect the element

Maybe I should inspect the header, I don’t know how this idea come to my mind.

I remove the markdown syntax and leave the header as it is. Then, inspect with Chrome’s developer tool and the result:-

Inspect the header

What?! the id automatically added to header? Then why I struggle?

Maybe I should develop the habit to always inspect the element first before googling around and read article by article.

Adding table of contents

Add a nagivation link with the id you want to navigate to:-

[My Header](#my-header)

Normally, web developer add this at the top of blog post. Maybe you can try it.

Now, visitor can click and navigate to My Header section. Then, press home on windows keyboard to navigate back to top

Finally, I did it. This is 4 hours later…

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